Spark Pets

Spark Pets introduces ten new pets into Minecraft that can naturally spawn in your world. You can tame them, feed them treats, and even watch them perform tricks.

Currently, the addon adds the Malamute, Shiba Inu, Siamese, Scottish Fold, Guinea Pig, Hedgehog, Chameleon, Tortoise, Capybara, and T-Rex. There is a guide-book in-game, though it’s pretty bare and lacking information.

Finding Pets

All the pets this addon provides can be found naturally spawning within the game world. Unfortunately, you’ll rarely come across them, especially ones you’re desperately searching for, like the T-Rex.

One viable option is to look out for the Wandering Pet Trader, a new Villager-type NPC (that can’t be found in Villages). He’ll show up occasionally, usually with 2 pets of his own on a lead.

Even though these are on a lead, it’s still possible to steal these pets by placing a Collar on them. When they’ve been tamed, make them sit, and the lead will detach once the Wandering Pet Trader gets a reasonable distance away.

You can also trade with the Wandering Pet Trader, who’ll often sell one or two pets within his inventory for Emeralds. Other items are also sold, such as outfit pieces and treats.

The Wandering Pet Trader
The Wandering Pet Trader

Players in creative mode can manually summon these pets. Just remember that their icons don’t look like spawn eggs. Within the creative inventory, they’ll look like miniature pixelated versions of their respective animal.

How to Tame Spark Pets

To tame one of the new pets this add-on provides, you will need to craft the Collar, a new item. This can easily be crafted by placing 4 Leather inside a Crafting Table. You can also see this recipe anytime by opening the in-game guidebook.

Collar Recipe
Collar Recipe

When holding the Collar, right-click a pet to tame it instantly. No food or other special items are required; it will instantly become your companion.

You will know if a pet has been tamed as the collar will be visible on the model. By default, the collar will be red. Right-click a pet with a collar equipped with any dye to change the color of the collar.

When a pet has been tamed, it will follow you around everywhere. One way to prevent this is by making them sit, which can be done by interacting with them. Pets will even defend you, and attack anything that you fight.


Another new item that can be crafted is the Treat. It can be crafted using 1 Raw Meat (Fish, Chicken, Beef), 2 Bones, 1 Sugar, and 1 Vegetable (Carrot, Potato, Beetroot). You’ll want to craft as many of these as possible, as they’re very handy.

Treat Recipe
Treat Recipe

Firstly, carrying a Treat will cause any nearby pets from this add-on to follow you, whether tamed or not. Although they can only be given to pets you own that have already been tamed.

When a treat is given to a tamed pet, it will do a small trick, like a backflip or little dance. Then, a pink aura will surround the pet for a few seconds. Standing within this aura will give you the Regeneration effect, making it especially useful during combat.

Healing Effect
Healing Effect

Remember, this effect only lasts for around ten seconds, but it can be stacked to make it more powerful. With how useful and powerful this effect is, you’ll always want to carry treats with you.


There is a bit of customization when it comes to pets, as they can spawn in different colors. However, they can be further customized using outfits, which are items that can be equipped onto your pets.

The Superhero Outfit
The Superhero Outfit

The add-on includes the Top Hat, Superhero Outfit, Propeller Hat, Heart Head Bopper, and Head Flower. You can obtain them by trading with the Wandering Pet Trader, and equip them by interacting with a pet while holding an outfit. To unequip an outfit, sneak and interact with a pet.